Introducing the Payneless Planner Your Ultimate Guide to Achieving Your Goals

Discover a comprehensive planner designed to help you outline your life's objectives, set yearly goals, plan your weeks and days, and track your progress. All while taking meaningful notes and documenting your journey.

When accomplishment is measured, accomplishment improves, & when accomplishment is recorded & reported back, the improvement is accelerated.

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Key Features

Life Plan & 10x Yearly Objectives

Start with a clear vision of your life's objectives and set ambitious yearly goals.

Weekly & Daily Planning

Break down your objectives into actionable weekly and daily tasks.

Books of Life

Document meaningful notes, ideas, and reflections to guide your journey.


I have dealt with many real estate investing gurus and courses in the past. Nathan is the most hands-on, step-by-step guy I've ever seen. Nathan really does care about helping people learn and does a lot with videos showing how it's done and a step-by-step process that is simple! Thanks, Nathan!

I've been given multiple great recommendations and lots of great advice from this group and from Nathan specifically. He's always been willing to share intimate details about his business and even refers who he uses for his own outsourcing of business tasks; whether it's VA's or cold callers. My business has benefited immensely from my membership in this group! Thanks, guys!

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